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In a category by itself, The Pavilion is an integrated system for delivering an unparalleled mix of vetted, science supported, next generation amenities for healthy, conscious, and inspired living. Housed in a resort-meets-mall styled campus -- along with a 501c3 science center that validates The Pavilion’s offerings -- The Pavilion works with agents and publishers to represent and showcase today’s leading luminaries and change makers, and monetize The Pavilion’s internally produced content. Optional PRIME-like memberships, social programming and community activities, set The Pavilion apart.

The Market

  • The 33% of the population interested in Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS)
  • The 37% plus of the population looking for non-conventional healthcare solutions
  • The 30% of the population looking for deeper connections but no longer associate with organized religion
  • The 70% of people interested in health but who don’t want to go to a gym


Two feasibility studies conclude Pavilion can go the distance. “The unique, forward thinking Pavilion concept provides a viable and much needed approach to health, well-being, and living well -- with a triple bottom line: People. Planet. Profit. A 'whole- in-one' approach to building a community, the Pavilion is a biosphere where a full spectrum of healthy lifestyle features will be offered within one's local Pavilion -- to sustain and support people's interests, practices, and daily routines. Seen in this light, the Pavilion may well be the first concept to successfully capture that illusive 70% of the market that health clubs have traditionally tried, and failed, to attract: people who are health conscious yet don't like exercise or health clubs.” ~WTS International

Once an operational proof of concept is established, the Company will look to build out four to seven Pavilions before teaming with a global player such as a Hyatt or Hilton, to scale the business. The Pavilion can also be combined with residences and boutique hotels to create intentional communities, retirement destinations, miracle clubs, and so on. Exit strategies include being acquired by a global player or doing an IPO.

To move the concept forward, the Company is raising funds to build and operate a “mini-Pavilion” home base -- The Pavilion Experience -- in the metro DC area. The Pavilion Experience, open to the public, will also serve as a showroom -- to market The Pavilion to developers, architects, and urban planners – and a ‘test kitchen,” for new products and services.

The Pavilion is aligned with all of the latest trends in healthy, conscious living.

The American New Medicine™ Center for Integrative Health

In partnership with NIHA, a 10,000 patient integrative medical and dental practice in Washington, DC, The Pavilion will offer the next generation of integrative medicine and dentistry – similar marketing-wise to the GO FORWARD medical practices but with more features and substance; and a branded health insurance product that covers things like nutritional supplements, massage, and energetic therapies. PAVILION REVENUES will come from patient billings, medical memberships, concierge subscriptions, ancillary sales, and medical tourism. With nearby accommodations, The Pavilion will be accepting patients from around the world who want its unique, advanced treatment protocols.

Like a cross between the Omega Institute and the Learning Annex, the Learning & Arts Center, a 6,000 square foot facility, begins its life with over 150 on-site and online courses, and a unique operational model that can better engage customers, maintain standards, and manage costs. PAVILION REVENUES will come from tuition, online monetization of digitally recorded video and audio content, and through program fees received from weekly TED-like talks and special events.

The Pavilion’s food and beverage operations include farm-to-table dining, an organic wine bar, café and bookstore, a nutrition and juice bar, and catering. Operational designs, vendor selections, IT, food-as-medicine menus, space utilization, environmental considerations, and kitchen designs, will be handled by Advisory Board member Cini-Little, Incorporated. PAVILION REVENUES will come from rent and a percentage of sales.

The Pavilion’s SPA provides a wide spectrum of services, ranging from the more traditional facials, manicures, and massage, to an eclectic mix of therapeutic offerings which can be prescribed by in-house or outside health professionals. Therapeutic SPA services, which will fall under the purview of the medical practice, include: EPR biofeedback scans and treatment sessions, PEMF therapy, Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapy, and more. ‘Lower tech’ therapies include oxygen therapy, hot tub “mineral baths,” infrared and salt lined saunas, foot baths, reflexology, an ice plunge, and physical therapy (PT) services. PAVILION REVENUES will come from Gym and Spa memberships, a percentage of Pavilion dues, and from ala carte services. Therapeutic services requiring specialized labor will be authorized and paid for by the prescribing medical office, unless other arrangements are made.

The Pavilion’s marketing and engagement team will keep The Pavilion filled with engaged visitors by creating something akin to a cruise ship or theme park feel, and they will continually circulate throughout the facility to promote events and enhance the guest’s experience and satisfaction. Activities include musical performances and DJ’s in common spaces and food venues; rotating art exhibits and openings; monthly block parties and themed dinners, and a nightly, “Kumbaya,” planetarium styled light and music show in the atrium -- complete with feel-good music -- to give people yet another reason to come for dinner, an event, or to stay on after a class or workout. PAVILION REVENUES will come from monthly club membership dues and ticket sales.

The Pavilion’s main retail outlet, like the retailers Brookstone or Goop.com, will offer The Pavilion’s “best of the best” conscious living products – ranging from energy drinks and nutritional supplements, to high end therapeutic equipment. The Healthy Living Shoppe will be run by a vetted retail operator. REVENUES will come from rent and a percentage of sales.

Our pets deserve the best care, too. The Pavilion will feature a full service, integrative veterinary practice that will be independently owned and operated. PAVILION REVENUES will come from rent and a percentage of sales.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change things, build a new model that makes the existing one obsolete.” ~ Buckminster Fuller, 20th century inventor, ‘comprehensive design scientist,’ and visionary

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