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“I feel that we are on the threshold of a new order where people will be seeking enlightened change. This will all come about with the infusion of spirituality into science.” ~John E. Fetzer -- Radio Pioneer, Business Tycoon, Philanthropist, and Spiritual Seeker


New discoveries have overturned the last 150 years of scientific thinking when it comes to how we think about ourselves and our world, and these discoveries change everything. From showcasing new understandings about our origins and innate abilities, to new ways of curing disease, understanding health, and restoring the environment, the Pavilion’s Life Sciences Center was conceived to inspire the new thinking and new models needed to put us on a better evolutionary path.

To be an objective resource for the community and policy makers: To research today’s pressing and relevant issues in the light of the latest science, and inspire action that strengthens our communities, advances global stewardship, and enables us to forge a more sustainable evolutionary path

Paradigm-shifting, 21st century science lies at the heart of The Pavilion

It's time for a more relevant, community focused science center

Collectively, we’re facing our most daunting challenges ever. More than 70% of Americans over 45 are chronically ill, and 7.5 billion pounds of toxic chemicals continue to be dumped into the environment every year – contaminating our bodies and the very earth we live on. With conventional thinking failing us, the Pavilion’s science center introduces proven, paradigm shifting solutions to our most pressing issues.


Pavilion founder Jim Grapek talks about why he conceived The Pavilion.

“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth, only co-pilots.” ~Buckminster Fuller

The Main Attractions

    The Life Sciences & Innovation Center showcases the latest in wearable health tech, apps, urban agriculture, smart living solutions, and the hottest items on Indiegogo and Kickstarter -- most of which will be available for purchase. Designed with a hint of ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not™” to enhance the customer experience, the Life Sciences Center also features a 4D RideFilm™ attraction, rotating sponsored exhibits, and core issue-centered exhibits.

    21st Century Science: The Emergence of a New Paradigm

    Since the millennium we’ve been besieged by continuous crises -- from health to terrorism to ecological catastrophes. Yet, these are symptomatic of a deeper problem – the vast disparity between our definition of ourselves and our world, and our truest essence. It’s a disparity that’s been created, in large part, by modern science… but all that is now changing.

    EPR (Electro-Physiological Reactivity) technology changes how we understand and approach health. New EPR medical devices can non-invasively scan a person for thousands of health variables in just minutes, providing a very in-depth picture of our health -- as opposed to the more limited and traditional lab tests. Some EPR devices can even help reverse or correct conditions, as well, and are being used in many of China’s hospitals to treat patients. Free monthly EPR scans will be included in Pavilion memberships.

    It’s common knowledge that it takes much more to be healthy today than simply a good diet and exercise. Factors that affect our health include stress, emotional issues, dental issues, lack of proper nutrients, and environmental toxins – including plastics, fluoridated water, household cleansers and chemicals, and cell phones and wireless radiation. Dealing with these (to stay healthy) requires a completely different approach to health care and some new tool sets, as well.

    Entrepreneurs and investors come together in the Center’s Innovation Connector, to launch investment ready, aligned startups. Along with ongoing classes and events directed at entrepreneurs, investors, and aspiring investors, The Innovation Connector will introduce and publically showcase ten to fifteen vetted, investment ready, innovative start-ups each quarter. Because of the Center’s focus on education, school groups will be invited to meet with the entrepreneurs to better engage and inspire today’s youth.

    There’s a growing body of evidence showing that teaching the arts helps children – their brain hemispheres in particular – develop in a healthier, more balanced way. Some of America’s most successful companies have discovered this, too, and now look for people with an arts or music background when hiring because they make for more innovative and focused employees.

    With so many industrial chemicals coursing through our blood streams and affecting our health, this exhibit looks at the many potentially harmful ingredients in common products which could be affecting us – products such as home cleansers, fabric softeners, air fresheners, shampoos, cosmetics, and sunscreens. The exhibit also allows people to look up and check their favorite products, and to find healthier substitutes if so desired.

    According to everyone but the industry itself, today’s cell phones, cordless phones, and ubiquitous wireless technologies present serious health risks. This exhibit breaks down exactly how these fields affect cellular function and health, as well as how people can help reduce exposure and mitigate the adverse effects. The Science Center will have a list of approved EMF remediation contractors available those interested, as well as commercial grade EMF meters for those who want to do their own home testing.

    This fascinating and uplifting exhibit takes a deep look at the new and compelling evidence of regarding reincarnation, and a “spiritual world” that exists beyond death – and raises questions about our true nature. Are we in fact, immortal, spiritual beings having a human experience?

    The Pavilion’s advanced building, which begins supporting people’s health as soon as they’re inside, is the first of its kind in the United States. How can this be possible? Chalk it up to a new science known as BioGeometry™. BioGeometry™, which is currently being taught in graduate level architecture programs overseas, is a remarkable science that’s uses proven principles of resonance and vibration to enable us to not only enhance our living spaces, but to also detect and neutralize a number of harmful energies – including radon, geopathic stress, and wireless radiation.

    This exhibit, comprised of a half dozen aligned NGO’s such as The Environmental Working Group, Green Med Info, and Food & Water Watch, empowers visitors to directly support, and/or engage with, these front line advocacy groups who are working every day to make the world a better place.

    The Science of BioGeometry. Brought to you by The Pavilion.

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