THE PAVILION.  Life Reimagined

The Pavilion is a World's Fair-like 21st century community hub for healthy, conscious living -- that doesn't just show people that better future, it delivers it.

Pulling from today's great luminaries, The Pavilion brings together under one roof the most current information and tools needed to live well... and build more vibrant communities.

The Answers People are Looking For

This 75,000 square foot community nexus brings forward the new thinking and new models that can help get “Spaceship Earth,” as Buckminster Fuller called it, back on course.


The Pavilion’s Synergistic Components

Life Sciences & Innovation Center (a 501c3)

American New Medicine™ Center for Integrative Health

Learning & Arts Center

Farm-to-Table Dining

Pavilion Fitness and Spa

Pavilion Social Community Engagement

The "Best of the Best" Healthy Living Shoppe

Integrative Veterinarian for our Pets

Global leader WTS International calls The Pavilion a well-grounded concept.

“The Pavilion has the potential to capture that illusive 70% of the market… people interested in health but who don't want to go to the gym.”

The Pavilion is All Next Generation

From its paradigm shifting Life Sciences Center… to its American New Medicine™ healthca...


A Powerhouse for Social Transformation

Looking around, I feel like we’re at a precipice; will this be the end of life as we kn...


The Pavilion POV

Martin Luther King once said, "The irony of our times is that we have guided missiles… ...


    A World Class Advisory Board

    The Pavilion's Advisory Board includes such visionary thinkers as renowned Washington attorney James S. Turner, who orchestrated the passing of the National Organic Standards Act and helped legalize acupuncture in the United States, and

    Dr. Ibrahim Karim, ScD, the internationally recognized scientist and architect, and the creator of the powerful new science of BioGeometry™.


    Join the Movement!

    We're seeking Donors, Investors, and Strategic Partners. If you feel aligned with our mission, please contact us. We love connecting with action oriented, like-minded people.