The best way to predict the future is to

Create it yourself


Welcome, Traveler

Ten years ago, a dozen of the world's most pre-eminent experts in wellness, psychology and biogeometry gathered in DC for a once-in-a-lifetime dialogue. Paired with economic and business development advisors, we crunched numbers and markets to produce the Pavilion Manifesto.

Goal #1: Pin down the beliefs, attitudes, and lifestyles that, at least in America, indicate a radical leap in human wellness and consciousness. 

Goal #2: Develop a marketplace map of the political, economic and societal vectors that clear the way for such a leap.

Goal #3: Apply accelerant.

So what is The Pavilion? Simply defined, it’s a tent, and we need a big one to meet the opportunity ahead. I hope you'll join us.


The Imperative to Evolve

A 2021 Manifesto by the Creators of The Pavilion

Partners & Investors

In 2020, The Pavilion was moving forward with a Montgomery County location outside of Washington DC. Working with the country government and the Global Development Corp in a public-private partnership, The Pavilion was to be the iconic structure welcoming visitors into their new health and bio-tech community. Then COVID hit. In light of the local politics now, the site is no longer viable and we are open to exploring new opportunities -- anywhere in the world.