what's a pavilion?


[puh-vil-yun] | noun:

1) A next generation, Jetson's-like community hub for healthy, conscious living

2) a curated social ecosystem for an emerging new world;

3) a place where friends can meet to expand their minds, rejuvenate their bodies, and nourish their souls, and

4) a vibrant, engaged, and active community for living well -- for Boomers, Millennials, and everyone else.

A Space For The Future Of Humanity

The Pavilion is an immersive, next generation community hub that’s been designed from the ground up to deliver and practically apply, the missing science, missing healthcare, and the rest of the information needed to create a healthier, more vital future.

Awaken Each Day Inspired. As you walk inside The Pavilion, it is like entering the quintessential world of the future – yet there’s also so much heart: Moving walkways, interactive science exhibits, a stunning Vesica Center for talks, events, and arts; a sunlit atrium featuring a town center Village, hydroponic gardens, and a deep sense of optimism and community.

Evolve. To your right is the Catalyst Life Sciences Center, a nonprofit dedicated to education and research in health and science. You buy a ticket for the Ride-film Simulator to experience the 3D “Quantum Universe.” The narrator begins. “Welcome to the 21st century. Finally, humanity is taking a quantum leap forward.” And through special effects, you are taken at light speed into an amazing world of science and discovery. You see advanced, mobile and wearable health apps, new ways to access more brain power; high tech devices which can heal the root causes of chronic disease, and a brand new, mind bending science known as BioGeometry -- which is enabling people to transmute any harmful energies around them and grow food crops with plain sea water -- something never before possible. The real climax, though, comes at the end when the attraction’s rear doors open… to a breathtaking view of The Pavilion’s atrium. Then it hits you. The incredible future you just saw -- is right there in front of you.

Live Well. The Pavilion also features an Institute with a Learning and Arts Center, and a Healing Spa and Fitness Center. Up in the Vesica auditorium, you can catch inspiring TED-like talks, or art exhibits and performances. Down in the Village, buy artisan crafted goods or enjoy organic, farm-to-table dining with food as medicine menus. For deeper health support, The Pavilion’s advanced, Medical and Dental Bio-Clinic features American New Medicine, bioregulatory primary care, and affordable subscription and medical cost sharing packages.

If This Captures Your Imagination, You Are Already Part Of The Movement

In short, The Pavilion is a place where friends can gather to expand their minds, rejuvenate their bodies, and nourish their souls. Showcasing (and delivering) some of the most powerful discoveries, technologies, and wisdom from all ages, it is a pipeline to an expanded universe – and to a happier, healthier, and more vibrant tomorrow. With a world class management and advisory team, and partner clusters including WTS International, Cini-Little, NIHA, and others, The Pavilion is ready to fulfill its promise as one of the most exciting, commercial and philanthropic ventures of our time.

A world-wide-net of Pavilions would not only help quickly bring people up to speed, they would be long-term, sustainable businesses, as well, throwing off a "healthy" cash flow. An in-depth feasibility study by global industry experts WTS International called The Pavilion “on point” with today’s key lifestyle trends saying, “The Pavilion has the potential to attract that illusive 70% of the market that traditional health clubs have failed to attract: people who are interested in being healthy but who don’t want to join a gym.” Are you ready to build a Pavilion?