The Imperative to Evolve

A 2021 Manifesto by the Creators of The Pavilion

The State of Society

Just barely into the 21st century, American institutions -- from government to education to society itself -- are breaking down. In response, as many focus on deconstructing things --- the election fraud, wokeness, the pandemic, lockdown science, and experimental vaccines --- they are also discovering they’ve been lied to about many things. By carefully managing and controlling information and programming, America’s institutions and ruling class have fabricated a distorted, controlled, dystopian version of society. With new and disturbing revelations coming forward practically daily, people are waking up and realizing things are not what they seem. Our leaders, and many of our public servants, do not have our best interests at heart. In many cases, it is quite the opposite.

Modern Medicine

Hospital errors are now the third leading cause of death -- and properly prescribed prescription drugs are, arguably, the fourth. While many good people work in the medical-pharmaceutical industry, it’s become clear that – to paraphrase Goldman Saks, “healthy people are not good customers.” Profits are being put before people. The medical establishment is monopolistic, historically dangerous, and is colluding with the global oligarchs and political forces. With an experimental vaccine dominating the headlines and tens of thousands of doctors speaking out against the mainstream “facts” and medical narrative, trust in the medical system has hit an all-time low.

People are recognizing that the long term use of most medications carries with it high risks. And in the last decade, the industry’s own scientists have discovered that up to half of all medical science – all procedures, drug claims, and diagnoses --- are flat out wrong. The upshot: Several independent studies now show that the leading cause of death in the United States is iatrogenic – or “medically induced.” It is clear that modern medicine, once known as “Battlefield Medicine,” must be reigned back and limited to what it was originally designed for -- emergencies and acute care. At the same time, a more wholistic and effective healthcare system -- based on 21st century understandings, science, and personal responsibility --- must be implemented for the good of all.

Planetary Health

Over 7 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are dumped into our environment annually, contaminating our bodies and the very planet we live on, and forcing 27,000 species into extinction every year. Those which remain, ourselves included, are increasingly unhealthy, diseased and disabled. The numbers reflect this. Over 70% of Americans over 45 are suffering from chronic disease; we have the shortest life expectancies in the Western world; 1 out of 6 of our children have a behavioral disorder, 1 out of 6 will develop Autism, and 50% of our children are on psychiatric drugs. This has also been associated with a troubling decline in standards and a remarkably under-educated population of graduates who likely will not be able to fulfill their roles as society’s future leaders. Here, the drug companies are as much to blame as chemical companies, and both have ‘operatives’ now running – because of the revolving door policies -- our captured federal agencies. It’s the same in telecommunications industry, as well.


Perhaps our biggest problem – which in large part is responsible for our failing (global) health -- is that all of our mainstream institutions continue to operate based on an outdated, Newtonian science model which was replaced by quantum science decades ago. Acting as gate-keepers, our institutions – driven by money and power -- have limited what we’ve been allowed to know -- especially in medicine, in the media and in the classroom. Whole bodies of science which would have put our quality-of-life light years ahead of where we are today, have been suppressed.

Physics is the science that establishes our worldview… our “operating system.” It defines what is possible and what is not. With the advent of quantum physics, our earthly human existence has the potential to completely change for the better -- pollution, health, communications, computing, relationships, you name it. We learned that our thoughts and intentions literally help to create the physical world we live in, and we learned that groups of meditators can lower crime rates and accomplish things we used to consider impossible. And we learned that the speed of light is not an absolute limit, and things like levitation, telepathy, remote viewing and UFOs are real. Yet, it’s all still officially denied.

Truth & Reconciliation

There is a Chinese proverb that says, “Any revolution must begin in the heart.” From the Inquisition right through to today, humanity had and continues to have its dark moments. Yet, can we not choose differently? Can we not, by seeing and understanding the truth – move ahead as the powerful, sovereign beings we are learning we are and start that revolution in our hearts? Now is the time to seize the opportunity and make that quantum leap forward.

Quantum physicists have shown us that atoms and subatomic particles are not really solid at all, and that they can even be directed by our thoughts. It’s called the Observer Effect. This has led many scientists to theorize we’re living in a kind of simulated, “Matrix-like” reality. The ancient Hindu Vedas call this world ‘the Maya,’ which means ‘the Illusion.’ Has quantum science finally caught up with ancient wisdom? How can we use these new understandings to shape a better future? And how can we share this new and critical information, which is quite a departure from the science we’ve all been taught?

Continuing on that line, scientific discovery has essentially overturned the last 150 years of our most fundamental understandings, yet most of this knowledge -- which has been scientifically validated -- is still suppressed even today. For example, “survival of the fittest” is not the rule, it’s the exception. Nature exists in a dynamic relationship of cooperation, not competition, and that’s just the beginning. There is so much we need to explore, reconcile, and bring forward.

A New, Human-centered Science & Health Paradigm

Recognizing that consciousness is the source and medium of transfer for all knowledge, power and creation in the universe, solving our biggest issues can be as simple as re-learning how things really work, and using new and more effective approaches – many of which we previously considered impossible. Efforts are already under way.

The institution of science, in service to money and political power, got corrupted – just like that of medicine. This opened the door to ecological devastation, suffering, and the devolution of humanity’s potential. Seeing this, hundreds of internationally known scientists from all disciplines, wrote up a "Manifesto for a Post-Materialistic Science." This document lays out how “conventional” scientific methods, based on a materialist philosophy, are now harming us more than helping us. Science, they charged, had been debased into dogma; into a scientific materialism.

As this new scientific paradigm is birthed (which includes qualitative physics as well as quantitative physics), outside of acute and emergency care, our health system will look nothing like it does today. Doctors and hospitals will use advanced, quantum science-based technologies to help uncover the root causes of people’s issues. These devices can analyze people’s diets, emotional stressors, their exposure to toxins – from heavy metals, to bacteria and viruses, to geopathic stress – and more. Our focus will shift from fighting disease… to keeping people healthy. It will be a true system of health support and care.

A Human Centered Science of Design & Learning

Life is whole-istic. Every facet of our lives is interconnected, just like our internal organs which, though separate, all work together. Similarly, every discipline is interconnected all of conscious existence is interconnected, and we are interconnected with the earth. It behooves us to recognize this as a starting point, and a transcendental one, at that.

Like our own energy pathways or ‘meridians,’ as the Chinese call them, the earth has meridians, too. They are called geopathic grid lines, and they’ve been mapped all over the globe. This is just one of the many things we must be cognizant of and teach, for as part of the earth, we are affected by these – in much the same way that we can be affected by gemstones and crystals. These geopathic grid lines, called Curry grid lines and Hartmann grid lines, can cause or exacerbate chronic health issues by disrupting our body’s energy flow. In fact, European studies have linked geopathic stress to cancer and disease. Yet today, few architects or laypeople have even heard of geopathic stress because the information, which doesn’t confirm with ‘conventional’ Newtonian science, has been suppressed.

This suppression of science, and qualitative physics in particular, has also kept people from learning that architectural design elements -- and the pyramids are good example of this -- can also affect our health… for better or for worse. Thankfully, under the BioGeometry® banner, the true science behind what is commonly known as sacred geometry is being brought forward. It’s a science that gives us the ability to do the impossible – like make wireless technologies safe, give us healthier crops, enable us to irrigate desert or coastal farms using plentiful, untreated sea water, and it can turn our personal spaces into safe, health-supporting havens. BioGeometry® can improve nearly every technology we have today and even create some new ones.

A Space for Inter-being

In the era ahead, the specialist, too, must start looking through a wider lens of inter-being and synergy. It is the new ground zero for all of us, and from there we move out across all disciplines – exploring, revising, rethinking, and reimagining. Across the globe, we will need to set up new repositories; community hubs which can aggregate and curate the new information and make it readily available to the public. New research programs will be needed, too, and we’ll need to create spaces in these facilities where people can come together to share needed, deeper conversations… places where people can expand their minds, rejuvenate their bodies, and perhaps for the first time in years, heal and nourish their souls. When are these repositories, these evolutionary centers coming? When we want this shift badly enough. And judging from the temperament of the nation that time is fast approaching.

The world, or at least 35% of us anyway, do not want to wait for a reconciliation of the competing political or economic forces to see this happen. And we don’t need to. Everything we need to move forward and create a framework for a healthier and more desirable future human experience, is here right now.


The Pavilion

Like a cross between Disney’s Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT), The Biosphere Project, and Canyon Ranch, The Pavilion is an immersive, 21st century community hub that’s been designed from the ground up to curate and deliver the science, health care, and the information needed to create a thriving future.

As you walk inside The Pavilion, it is like entering the quintessential world of the future – with moving walkways, interactive science exhibits, a stunning Vesica Center for TED-like talks, events, and the arts; a sunlit atrium above a Town Center-type Village, an underground urban farm for organic food security, and a deep sense of renewal and connection.

The Pavilion also features a Research Institute with a Learning and Arts Center, a Healing Spa, and a Fitness Center. For real, 21st century health support, The Pavilion’s advanced, Medical and Dental Bio-Clinic features American New Medicine™ integrative primary care, and affordable subscription services and insurance plans. To better serve the community, each week The Pavilion’s Bio-Clinic will open its doors to help those less fortunate. In short, The Pavilion is a pipeline to an expanded universe, and to a happier, healthier, and more vibrant tomorrow.